Monday, May 10, 2010

Enjoying the Blessings that God has Given Me

To answer your question happiness is a state of being and a choice. I chose to be happy by enjoying the blessings that God has given me. I am happy in marriage (love), happy being a mom, and happy being me!

Happy in marriage looks like this. I expect Tyson to add to my happiness and not MAKE me happy. I love me totally and that allows me to love him and accept his love. We are imperfect people so I am happy with him and his flaws and expect him to be the same with me. I am not trying to change him to make me happier, I will accept and love the changes that he makes in his life. I love being married to Tyson and when I add to his happiness mine increases and vice-versa. He can’t take my happiness away unless I allow him to.

Being a mom automatically can raise your level of happiness. My day truly begins when my kids wake up and I see their first smile of the day. I love when I do little things to make them laugh! God gave me the best kids for me. Even when they are driving me crazy, I can still smile and be happy that them little jokers belong to me. LOL! I think that being a mom has made me appreciate the little things that I might pass by because I am too busy most of the day. My kids make me happy!

I am happy being me. I am a true DIVA no matter what the world might say or think. Others may look at me and see an overweight, gap toothed, loud, black woman and guess what, they are right. I am comfortable in my own skin. I do not let the world determine my worth. I am valuable because I say that I am. If people chose to stay away from me because of a preconceived notion or prejudice, then they miss out on the pleasure of knowing me. Not my fault. LOL! I know what I bring to the table and if you want to sit and feast then come on. If not, your presence or lack thereof does not make me happy nor break my happiness.

I know that is more than what you might need, but that is where I am today when it comes to my happiness."

- Genny Moore, Los Angeles preachers wife and mother of three whose laugh is just as infectious as her love of the Lord.

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