Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life On The Razor's Edge

I work for Gary's Knife Sharpening and I am a knife cutier. But I'm happy with just enjoying the right now, the present and celebrating it. Connecting with people. I like good food and animals and laughter. I dont know. Hope, love faith. All of that. I start to think about... I try to notice my thoughts and if they are true or if they are just 'what if-ing'. You know when you start to let your mind take control and it goes haywire. So the things I dont know, it's fine. Be here now. Then i try to do something special and try to turn my focus on to what does make me feel good. Like hiking. I'll go hiking. I go to Runyon Canyon I have lots of dog friends so I'll go hiking with them. Grab a dog, go up a trail and have fun. Outdoors and I try to hook up with friends all the time and we just share and relate. Creativity makes me happy.

AK: What got you into knife sharpening?

"Well I was living in Minnesota and I wasnt happy. On paper it looked good, but it didnt unfold that way. So I knew Gary and he wanted to expand his business but he needed someone he could trust and he said, 'why dont you come back to LA and become a knife sharpener?' And I already wear a lot of different hats so why not knife sharpening? I dont just do this, but I like the farmer's market environment and I like the whole philsophy of foods and people. So I like those aspects and there are others things I do that make me happy."

- Christine, Los Angeles originally from Ohio

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