Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Going to Smile, Damn It!

You know, happiness is a feeling, it’s a state of being. It has nothing to do with the outside world. I think many people confuse happiness with instant gratification. Those two are not the same. I am really going through some things, a lot of transition in my life. Today my wife is packing up her things and moving back to the states, it just wasn’t working. Actually, this may be too much, but I started a relationship with her best friend. So, I am staying here for a bit and she is going back to the states as she was always flying back there anyway. I am from here but I lived in Los Angeles for some time as I was in films and distribution. But the point is, my job situation is limited out here and thus there is a lot of transition in my life. I am now doing investment banking and opportunities are somewhat limited here in Cape Town. But you know what I started doing? I just walk around with a smile. It’s odd because I will smile and other people will look at me and wonder why I am smiling and it’s contagious you know. I am seeing a woman now who is sad a lot of the time. I would say she’s happy about 10% of her life and she’s younger than me. But it’s about your mindset and your feeling inside. I have made it up in my mind that I am going to be happy. Whether that’s a walk along the beach or reading a good book, or simply smiling when I have nothing to smile about. I will be happy and that’s up to me, no one else.

Mark, SA native, 54

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