Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paper Chase

We fly high, No Lie ,You notice(BALLIN!)
Foreign rides, outside, its like showbiz (We in the building)

We stay fly, No Lie ,You notice (BALLIN!)
Hips and Thighs, Oh my, Stay focus
- Jim Jones, "We Fly High" lyrics

In this pic I swear I'm rolling in doe, but unfortunately these are Zambia Kwatcha... for those of you who are like, 'huh?'. Kwatcha is a currency that has the exchange rate of about 4500 kwatcha= $1 USD. Lordy!

So in this stack of cash that I'm fanning, there's probably about $3.57.

Here's a Five Billion Dollar Kwatcha Note!!!

How's that for happiness?? Makes me think of all the times we "floss", "stunt", "get our shine on" with money, when it really means nothing. It's worthless. I am very guilty of this myself, so no pointing fingers here (Redz and BFF's, remember my obsession with Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl"). The import we place on a piece of paper. Something to think about... for ME to think about.


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