Friday, April 16, 2010

Liverpool for Life

Liverpool football club winning the league, the champions league and every game they ever play. When Fernando Torres scores a goal, love it. He’s the best footballer. He turns men gay, basically. That’s how good he is. I watch all the games. I got to all the games when I’m in England, but when I’m not there, I’m here, I still watch at the pub. I try to watch them. Also, today is the day that my best friend is going to give birth, she’s having it via cesarean and she’s due right now. Baby Isabella. So this is a very special day. Today is also a very special day for Liverpool football club, because 21 years ago there was an FA cup game and Liverpool went down and then 96 football fans died, so every year on the 15th of April at 3:06 we have one minute of silence. Most of the reds and all big football fans remember it because it was a hell of a tragedy. Liverpool is big in my life. There are two teams: Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves. Whoo-hoo. It’s just the A and B team. There’s another team, but they aren’t as good. Our biggest rivals are Man[chester] United, we hate them. I take it very personally when Liverpool wins, and when they lose. Oh yeah. It’s a very big deal for me. I get so moody if they lose. Depression hits over me. They really make me happy. My favorite day last year was when Liverpool beat Manchester United and we done a march and I was there with all me friends and it was great. I was so happy, we all were. My football friends we all there and so were my other friends. I’ve got two sets of friends and they were all there and we all came together. I’m so happy. I’ve thought about leaving Liverpool [for good], but I’d miss me friends and me football. So no, I wouldn’t leave.”
- Rhian, 28
A nurse from Liverpool, England traveling through India, Nepal, Thailand and Laos

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