Saturday, April 3, 2010

The little things in life....

Spending time with my parents makes me happy.
Traveling makes me happy.
When I think of my future husband and child....I get happy and I continue to believe that it's going to happen for me!
Being in the ocean (during vacation) alone makes me happy.....I do a lot of thinking in the ocean and its so therapeutic and refreshing....I also love to jump in the water...feels like a cleansing!
Painting makes me happy.
SHOPPING makes me sad but true!
Knowing that I have GOOD people in my life makes me happy because the bad ones can suck so much out of you and I'm happy that I was able to identify them and said good bye!
GREAT SEX with someone I care and love makes me HAPPY! *sigh
Going to my church on Sundays and hearing the word from my Pastor B makes me happy.

-Niecy, Los Angeles by way of Brooklyn

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